Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve been ordered to wear a SCRAM CAM bracelet. How do I get started?

If you need to sign up for monitoring with SCRAM CAM, click here to contact us.

Do I have to be court ordered to wear a SCRAM CAM Bracelet?

No. You may voluntarily participate in the SCRAM CAM program. To get more information on how to voluntarily enroll in a SCRAM program, please contact us.

How much does it cost to wear SCRAM CAM?

Program charges vary based on your individual sentence, local program parameters, your financial obligations, and other services associated with your monitoring. There is typically a one-time installation fee and a recurring monitoring fee, usually charged weekly or every two weeks. Your program may require you to prepay for your monitoring a week or two in advance.

Does the bracelet make noise?

When the SCRAM CAM Bracelet takes a reading every 30 minutes, a light buzzing sound can be heard, but is generally reported to be “discreet."

I don’t have a landline in my home. How do I connect my SCRAM Base Station?

The SCRAM Base Station can connect using a traditional landline, digital phone line, a cellular network, or your home Internet using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Talk to your agent or SCRAM provider about the right connection option for your home. If your agent allows you to connect your base station to your Wi-Fi, click here to set up your connection.

What products should I avoid using while wearing SCRAM CAM?

You should not consume food or beverages that contain alcohol. As noted in your SCRAM Program Participant Agreement, you should also avoid using products on or near the bracelet that contain alcohol. The application of small quantities of cologne or perfume in areas far from the bracelet should not be problematic.

Can I travel and go through TSA screening?

Whether or not you can travel is up to your supervising agency. Check with your agent before your trip. We also recommend that you carry your paperwork that addresses your participation in a SCRAM CAM monitoring program. When passing through security, inform the TSA agent that you are wearing an electronic monitoring device that you cannot remove. The TSA agent may swab the bracelet and test it and pat down the area around the bracelet. However, you should be permitted to pass through security while wearing the SCRAM CAM Bracelet.

Is it safe to wear SCRAM CAM during an MRI, X-Ray, or CT scan?

You cannot wear a monitoring bracelet if you need an MRI. You will need to contact your supervising agent before your medical appointment to make arrangements to have the bracelet removed prior to the procedure. Your agent may have additional requirements. You can also read our Health and Safety Notice.

Can I exercise with the bracelet on? Will it flop around and will that register as tampering?

Exercise does not impact the functions of the bracelet. For comfort, you might want to wear a sweatband or a sock just below or over the bracelet to prevent it from “bouncing” on the ankle bone. Just make sure nothing gets between the bracelet and your leg.

Can I wear boots or leggings?

You can’t wear anything that comes between the skin and the bracelet. You can wear boots or leggings on top of the bracelet, however, some clients report that wearing boots can cause the bracelet to rub against their skin.

Will I set off alarms when I go through security checkpoints, like leaving a department or convenience store?

No. It’s no different than your cell phone or any other jewelry you might wear.

Can I shower? What about swimming or hot tubs?

You are not allowed to submerge the bracelet in water (swimming pools, hot tubs, the bath tub). You can shower, and in fact, you need to shower in order to keep the area around the bracelet clean. You can view the SCRAM CAM Participant Video for a demonstration of the best way to clean regularly around the bracelet.

Can I wear cologne or perfume?

Applying a small amount of cologne or perfume to areas far from the bracelet should not be problematic. However, you should avoid using any products on or near the bracelet that contain alcohol, as outlined in your Program Participant Agreement. Be aware that if the bracelet detects environmental alcohol from a product like perfume, your supervising agent may view this as an attempt to tamper with the device and you may be held accountable for violating your Program Participant Agreement.

What lotions can I wear?

As outlined in your Program Participant Agreement, avoid lotions with alcohol on or near the bracelet.

Can I spray tan?

Absolutely not.

Can I use hair coloring/hair dye?

As outlined in your Program Participant Agreement, you should avoid using any alcohol-containing products on or around the bracelet. Many clients are exposed to hair color and other similar products without any issues. When in doubt, talk to your PO or supervising agent.

What if I kiss someone who has been drinking?

Kissing someone who has been drinking has no impact on SCRAM CAM testing or results.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

If you have additional questions or have a question specific to your situation, please contact us.

SCRAM Remote Breath FAQs


I’ve been ordered to use a SCRAM Remote Breath device. How do I get started?

If you need to sign up for monitoring with SCRAM Remote Breath, click here to contact us.

How to I take a breath test?

1. Firmly insert the breath tube into your device.
2. Before starting your test:
- Move to a well-lit area away from direct sunlight.
- Remove your hat and sunglasses. Brush aside any hair hanging over your face.
- Stand or sit with your back to a wall, hold your head upright, and look directly forward.
- Hold the device to your mouth with the breath tube level with the floor.
3. When the device displays BLOW, blow steadily into the breath tube until STOP is displayed. If the device displays BLOW STEADY, try again. Do NOT blow as hard as you possibly can as this can distort test photos.
4. If the device cannot take a good photo due to a poor angle, too much sunlight, or obstructions around your face, it will provide you with instructions to correct the issue. Follow the prompts on the device’s screen.
5. If a retest is required:
- The device will display a countdown until the test.
- Retake the test when the device displays BLOW.

How do I get a good photo when the Remote Breath device takes my picture?

Follow the same steps for “How do I take a breath test?” above. If the device cannot take a good photo it will provide you with instructions to correct the issue. Follow the prompts on the device’s screen.

Why did my Remote Breath device require me to retest?

Your device may prompt you to retest if your testing photo does not meet the quality necessary to automatically match it to your enrollment photo.

What if I’m at work and don’t want to the audible testing prompts to sound. How do I silence the device?

Press the Mute button to silence the device. The red light above the sound button will continue to blink even if the device is silenced.

How do I charge the device?

Plug the device into any AC power outlet using the provided power cord.

How often do I need to charge my Remote Breath device?

You should charge your device every day until the light above the battery icon is green. This will ensure you have enough battery life to take your required tests. Many clients make it a habit to plug in their devices when they go to bed so that they are fully charged for the next day.

Can I take a test while the device is plugged in and charging?

Yes. You can take a test while the device is plugged in.

The device has different colored solid and blinking lights above the battery icon. What do the lights mean?

The lights indicate the level of battery charge available and whether the device is plugged in:

  • Blinking green: Fully charged, but not plugged into a power source
  • Blinking yellow: Charge is low
  • Blinking red: Charge is critically low
  • Solid green: Fully charged and plugged into a power source
  • Solid yellow: Charging, but still low
  • Solid red: Charging, but still critically low
  • My device powered up for no apparent reason. It did not request a test and then shut down. Why?

    SCRAM Remote Breath powers up and connects to the network every 20 minutes to send and receive automated updates.

    How do I clean my device?

    The best way to keep your device clean is to keep it in its case in-between tests. If you need to clean SCRAM Remote Breath, use a mild, non-alcohol based disinfectant cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not submerge the device in water. Breath tubes can be cleaned in a dishwasher or with warm water and dish soap.

    WARNING: The use of an alcohol-based cleaner or disinfectant could damage the device and could be viewed by your officer as an attempt to tamper.

    Can breath tubes be reused?

    Yes. You can reuse breath tubes and they can be cleaned in a dishwasher or with warm water and dish soap. Contact us if you need additional breath tubes.

    Can my device get wet?

    The device should never be exposed to water.

    I wear glasses. Do I need to take them off when I test?

    Consistency is what matters. If you took your enrollment test with glasses you should wear them every time you take a test. If you did not wear glasses in your first test, then take them off every time.

    Does facial hair impact my test photos?

    It can. Extreme cases of facial hair growth or removal may prevent the device from automatically matching your test and enrollment photos, which will cause a message to be sent to your officer. If a change in your appearance is making it difficult for the device to match your photos, your officer may require you to take a new enrollment photo during an office visit.

    What is a “grace period?” What can it be set to?

    The grace period is the amount of time you have to complete a test once Remote Breath displays BLOW. It can be set to between 2 and 60 minutes. Your supervising agent will tell you what settings are used for your program.

    Is there another way to be reminded in case my device is not close to me when I need to test?

    Yes. You can ask your officer to set up a courtesy text message reminder to your mobile phone.

    How does Remote Breath send my test results to my agent?

    The device automatically sends test results via a cellular network. Test results can also be sent using an Ethernet cord.

    What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

    If you have additional questions or have a question specific to your situation, please contact us.

    I have really bad asthma/am a heavy smoker and I’m having a hard time blowing long enough to take a test. What should I do?

    Talk to your supervising agent, who may ask you to obtain a doctor’s note to determine if Remote Breath testing is right for you.