Customized Monitoring Programs

Customized SCRAM ProgramsPutting It All Together For You

SCRAM Systems of Illinois partners with numerous Problem Solving Courts (PSC) throughout Illinois to provide alcohol monitoring services for PSC participants. We work closely with PCS staff to provide monitoring services consistent with federal and state Drug Courts, Veterans Courts, and TIP Court guidelines. Through collaboration with PCS staff, we strive to use our monitoring options to support the goals of sobriety and rehabilitation for PSC participants.

SCRAM Systems of Illinois also works closely with a variety of criminal justice agencies to develop unique partnerships that optimize the scope of our services in a cost-effective manner.  For some agencies that may mean that we manage all aspects of service, being the full-service model. For other agencies, the optimal service plan may include significant agency involvement in day-to-day operations such as installation and device removal, fee collection, and device maintenance.

Given the breadth of monitoring options that are available, regardless of your county or agency size, we can help develop and implement an alcohol and location monitoring service plan that is right for you.