SCRAM Remote Breath Pro

The Most Versatile Compact Breath Alcohol Testing Device

The discreet and durable SCRAM Remote Breath Pro provides breath alcohol monitoring with multiple testing options and is ideal for your low- and mid-risk offenders or those who have earned less intensive testing and monitoring.

  • Enhanced Facial Guidance during client testing
  • Convenient device charging ability with both USB and standard wall outlet
  • Proven Drager fuel cell technology
  • GPS location with both taken and missed tests
  • Client text message reminders and notifications
  • Rugged, built for corrections
  • Random, scheduled and on-demand testing
  • Store and forward up to 48,000 test results
  • Small and portable, enabling clients to test anytime, anywhere
  • Immediate notification of BrAC and positive client ID
  • Device always on and ready means zero wait time to take a test
  • Configurable sound/vibrate notifications and screen brightness adds an extra level of discretion
  • Automatically matches 90-95% of photos, reducing officer touch time

GPS With Every Test Type

SCRAM Remote Breath Pro stores test results and a records the GPS location with taken and missed tests—a feature that is proving valuable for making sense out of the most frequent alert type in remote breath testing: the missed test.

Enhanced Facial Guidance

It’s not a cost-effective monitoring option if the staff time to manage it is straining your resources and your budget. With Enhanced Facial Guidance, clients are prompted with visual cues to get the best photo and they are then automatically analyzed against the enrollment photo and a gallery of photos taken during testing determine if it is a match

  • Scalable and manageable—significant reductions in the staff time required to confirm identities
  • Automated matching—reduces manual review of photos by 90–95%
  • High-resolution images—clearly defines the 5-10% of photos you do review
  • Real-time notifications with automated, simultaneous client verification