Services for Courts

scram-criminal-justice-programs-dui-dwi-courtsAt SCRAM Systems of Illinois, we specialize in servicing the varying needs of courts and judges. We can help design a personalized and customized program of SCRAM products to suit your court’s specific challenges and desired outcomes.

With our services we:

  • Offer a full-suite of location and alcohol monitoring devices
  • Use court-validated and scientifically-proven technology
  • Support our customers with 24/7 monitoring services
  • Provide full court support and documentation for all violations
  • Attend court regularly to address any questions, concerns, or needs
  • Provide timely reports as to your client’s compliance or noncompliance with your orders

SCRAM CAM in Treatment Courts

Repeat drunk drivers pose serious risks to the community and are a burden on the resources of law enforcement, courts, and community corrections. SCRAM CAM is the only alcohol monitoring technology proven to support long-term behavior change in hardcore DUI and alcohol offenders. Courts around the country are using SCRAM CAM to increase offender compliance, support clients’ sobriety, and drive better program outcomes.

SCRAM CAM’s protocol was officially recognized in 2010 by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals as a viable technology for monitoring offenders in both Drug and DWI Courts. And increased supervision and monitoring is one of the Guiding Principles for the DWI Court model. SCRAM CAM is also a proven strategy to help veterans break away from alcohol addiction and get their lives back on track. SCRAM Systems of Illinois is dedicated to helping Treatment and Veterans Courts with a long-term and cost-effective solution for our clients.

Hear How SCRAM CAM Makes a Difference and Serves America’s Heroes